Set up

Appy is super easy to set up and it will only take a few minutes before the applications start flying in. Then start building your staff by accepting or rejecting the many applications and let Appy add and remove roles automatically as you choose.
It is super easy to set up Appy bot, the only thing you need to know to be able to set up an application form on your discord is: Dashboard, Applications and Panels.
If you follow this guide, you will get to know Appys dashboard first. The Dashboard is an important part of Appy bot and it is in the dashboard are finding everything you need to set up your applications forms and panels.
Click Get Started to start your journey into Appys dashboard.
The Application forms give you control over who you approve for certain things on your server. This can be anything from staff jobs, to game members, various discord roles or anything else that just fits into your community.
With a Panel you can show which open application forms you have, this provides an easier overview for your members. You can have several application forms under one Panel or you can choose to only one. A panel is an easy way for you to display all the application forms that members can access. It is easy to get an overview if for example, you have several application forms open at the same time.
Polls are a fantastic way to get server insight. You can make polls on anything that's on your mind. Go to Polls to find a guide on how to create a poll.
Forllow the next pages for a complete guide til Appys features.
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