Appy bot is offline

Appy is not responding?

There can be several reasons why Appy is offline. It could be that the serves has gone down, we are restarting the server or there is maintenance on the server.

How to fix?

First make sure the bot is online or offline.

If the bot icon have a green dot the Appy Bot is online and everyone is good.

If the bot icon is grey, the Appy bot is offline. Head to our Support Server and check the last messages in #announcements and #bot-status

Tip: If Appy is offline there is nothing you can do other then check the #bot-status at our Support Server, just be patient whilst we put Appy up. If we do not seem aware of the issue, you can let us know in the #support channel.

Get Appy updates into your channels

All the important channels on our Support server are announcement channels, this means you can "Follow" them to get the updates directly into your own server.

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