Large applications

Application was to large?

Sometimes you will find that an application was to large to be displayed in an embed. Click the link to Appys dashboard where you can see the application on the dashboard.

Why is applications to large?

  • If length of entire embed is over 6000 characters.

Why cant my staff not see the large applications?

Not everyone has access to the dashboard and in this way can see the long applications.

How to fix it:

  • Assign the roles that need to see the applications permission to "Manage Server" at the server settings.

  • Or use the premium feature: Application manager roles.

Giving permission to "Manage Server" can be dangerous, as your users who have this permission will be able to: Allow members to change this server's name, switch region, view all invites, add bots to this server and create and update AutoMod rules.

Support If you are unsure what to do, please join our Support server.

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