Below you can find a list of the commands that Appy uses. These can be used on your discord server.


Commands for viewing various Appy-related information, and accessing non-server-specific features.

Command nameDescription


Provides a list of the bots commands.


Displays stats for the bot.


Commads used in connection with applications.

Command nameDescription

/apply <application_name>

Allows users to apply for an application.

/export_applications <query>

Allows you to export applications to CSV format.


Commads used to create a poll.

Command nameDescription

/poll <channel> <question> <option1> <option2>

Allows you to create polls for your guild


Premium have to be activated on the dashboard. You can use a command to get a link direct to activate your premium on the dashboard.

Command nameDescription


Will send you a direct link to the dashboard premium activating side.

Support Are you unsure how to use these commands or do you find that the bot does not react as you expected. Do not hesitate to contact our supporter at Appys Support Server.

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