Custom bot

A page explaining how to setup custom bots

First, head on over to the appy dashboard by clicking here

Once done, you will see the following page. Now its time to start configuring your bot, see below for more details

Creating the app

Visit the discord developer page

Click the new application button:

Fill out the contents of the form and click create:

Head on over to the "bot" page and enable all privileged intents, once done save it:

Setting up oauth callbacks

The next step is to setup the oauth callback so that you can invite the bot to your server. Head on over to the "oauth" page and copy the following url into the redirects box:

Obtaining the bot token

Head on over to the "bot" tab, and you'll see your token. Copy this and paste it into the appy website

Now, go back to appy site and finish the configuration!

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