Application canceled

If this appears in your application, it is because you have spent too much time on it or you have been away from it for too long

You have 2 hours (120 minutes) from the time you press start to complete your application.

If you experience this, you need to start your application over again. Fortunately, there are some tricks for this.

  1. Go back to the server where the application is deployed.

  2. Write: /apply <application_name>

  3. You will not start the application over again.

  4. Go to the DM from Appy and copy your answers from the canceled application and paste it into the new application at the right questions. This way it will go faster.

  5. You can now start where your old application was canceled in the new application.

Support If you have questions about this, please join our Support server. We'll be happy to help.

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