You have now made an application form and would like to post it so that is displayed for your members.

What is a Panel?

With a Panel you can show which open application forms you have, this provides an easier overview for your members. You can have several application forms under one Panel or you can choose to only one. A panel is an easy way for you to display all the application forms that members can access. It is easy to get an overview if for example, you have several application forms open at the same time.

Your members will still be able to apply with the /apply <application_name> command

The Panel overview

In order to understand panels and how to create/edit panels, you must first understand the panel overview. The Panel overview is divided into 3 sections as seen above.

  • GREEN - The sidebar. This one will always be displayed no matter where you are on the dashboard. In the sidebar, you will be able to choose the many features that Appy offers. Hold your move over the feature in the sidebar to read about what its. In this case, select Panels.

  • RED - Panel overview. This section is for creating new panels, viewing your panels and deleting panels.

  • BLUE - Panel options. In this section you can edit your panels. There are various things that can be edited for Panels. It is also from here that you can send your panels out on a discord server.

How to set up a Panel

It is super easy to set up a panel, with 3 steps you can display your application forms on your discord and your memebers can start applying through panels.

1. Make a new Panel

To create a new panel, write the name of the Panel and then press "New Panel"

2. Fill out the panel data

When you want to create a Panel, you must fill in some data so that Appy is aware of what you want it to do.

Normale features:

  1. Name: You can edit the panels name.

  2. Description: Make a description for the panel.

  3. Channel: The channel is where the panel is sent to. The members you think should be able to see the panel have access to this channel.

  4. Applications: Under Applications, you choose the applications forms you want to be displayed in the panel.

  1. Panel footer: Panel footer is the footer of the panel. Use this block if you have a final comment for your panel.

  2. Panel Image: Panel image is the image of the panel, that will be posted with the panel embed. (Must be a valid image URL)

  3. Button Panel: Choose whether your members should select the applications through buttons or drop down menu.

  4. Panel Color: Panel color is the color of the sidebar when its send to discord.

  5. Panel type: Panel type allows you to change the interaction type to use a dropdown menu or buttons

3. Send the panel

You are now done and have sent your panel out on your discord. Your memebers can now use the panel to find and apply through.

Support If you need help with Panels please join our Support server. We'll be happy to help.

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