With Appy bot you can set up real-time results polls. Polls are incredibly useful for doing surveys on your server, for getting knowledge from your members or you can use polls in connection with applications if there are several of you who have an opinion in one or more specific applications.

Tip Appys live polls is extremely useful in connection with an application where there are several people, who have to help decide whether the applicant should be approved or rejected.

How to use Polls?

To create a poll you have to use a slash command in this case /poll

To set up a poll you will have to:

  1. Go to your discord.

  2. Write /poll and a poll command will show from Appy.

  3. Then select which channel you want the poll to take place in.

  4. Ask your question

  5. Write your answer options. It is possible to add up to 9 answer options.

  6. Choose if the users can multiple vote

  7. Hit enter and your poll will be posted.

The Result

Support Are you unsure how to use the /poll command or do you find that the bot does not react as you expected. Do not hesitate to contact our supporter at Appy's Support Server.

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